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Meet Anna Wood

Your Ascension Guide

Channeler, Healer, Spiritual Master

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I hear it all the time, Love Beam...

  • “I’m so excited and ready for the next step in my life, for all the bliss, joy, and abundance that’s waiting for me…”
  • “I’m stuck and it feels like something’s blocking me, but I know I have a higher mission and I’m super ready to start. I just don’t know where to begin…”
  • “I see people manifesting like crazy, but I don’t know how to make it work for me…”
  • “I feel rundown, fatigued with my current life, and there’s so much loneliness from friends who don’t understand, fear that I’m going to be judged and anxiety, which makes it so much harder to speak my truth...”
  • “I’m afraid that if I follow my passion, I won’t make money… but I have a calling and I know I need to follow it...”
  • “I’m an empath, so I’m exhausted by the negative energy…”
  • “I’ve always felt different from other people…and honestly, sometimes I don’t know if I’m good enough…”

At the same time you also…

  • Crave deep, loving relationships and abundance
  • Want to tap into your intuition and unique gifts, and finally make that big change in your life
  • Desire to live in total alignment as a fully expressed version of yourself, so everything you do is almost effortless
  • Have an insatiable appetite for personal and spiritual growth
  • Want to feel free, in flow, living in ease, and confidently speak your truth without all the voices and self-doubt

I’ve worked with thousands of people who experienced these same things, Love Beam, and I’ve helped them create sacred conscious relationships - with their work, friends, Divine Team, purpose, and their truest self - which allowed them to embody their Higher Self, become Light Leaders, and embrace their soul’s mission.

I’m going to let you in on a secret:

The answer to “What should I do with my life?” or “What is my purpose here?” isn’t something you “find,” and no, the answers won’t come from books, jobs, certifications, or another guru - your purpose finds YOU when you’re in alignment, and it evolves over time.

The truth is…

You incarnated on Earth with a purpose, unique soul gifts, and dormant powers in your DNA so you can provide a unique magical medicine to the world - and the only thing stopping you is that you don’t know how to flip the switch and turn the power on. 

You’re missing the way to activate your innate abilities.

It’s time to power up, Love Beam.

(Consider this a wink from the Universe that you’re meant to be on this page.)

Many of us have been taught to doubt ourselves, not speak our truth, and stay quiet for fear of judgment. So we play small and live life in someone else’s mold...

…But what if today you made the choice to fully experience your divine magic?

What if instead of…

Living in heavy, negative energy →

Hard work and struggle →   

A lack of direction or clarity → 

Sacrificing what you want →

You trade it for...

The magic of high-vibe 5D

Ease and intuitive guidance

Serving your higher mission

Living fully in flow, bliss, and abundance

Also, you definitely don’t have to spend any more time listening to gurus or looking to Google for answers on how to do it.

(The answers aren’t on Google anyway, Love Beam.)

It’s time to remember how powerful you are.

The good news is… 

You can easily and effortlessly create your ideal reality right now.

Doesn’t that feel so much easier when you think about it?

I’m going to lovingly guide you through my unique, divinely channeled 4-step process that will activate your dormant DNA and skyrocket your evolution in...

Welcome to the Magical Mystery School by Anna Wood

In The Ascension Arena, I will lovingly take your hand and help you remember who you are and activate your unique gifts and psychic powers! You will tap into your true self, become a master manifestor, receive divine guidance, and discover and serve your soul’s true purpose.

This series of Activations I channeled is built on cosmic codes from higher realms, so you can raise your vibration, ascend to higher states of consciousness (5D), and experience magic in your everyday life - you know, the bliss and abundance, purpose and passion you’ve been ready for! I've guided thousands of Love Beams from a state of depression to a thriving lifestyle. You won't find this stuff online or in the top levels of education!

Each Activation - Light, Power, Channel, and Purpose - builds on one another and as you move through them, you unlock dormant pieces of yourself that completely align everything in your life.


Here's what Love Beams are saying:

“I have been instantly manifesting some really awesome things in my life…”

Elizabeth F.

“Wow. Just wow. I’m so thankful for this community and the lessons I’m constantly learning. Each day I’m shedding and discovering a new layer. Filled with joy about this opportunity to grow and ascend even more... taking radical responsibility from here on out!”

Madeleine L.

Here’s what’s inside The Ascension Arena


Welcome Module

Starting Your Ascension Journey
($2,000 Value)

I want you to get the most out of this experience, so when you step into The Ascension Arena Activations, you’ll have an understanding of all areas involved and additional rituals to create a space for massive results. This welcome module explains the basics (like light codes and your Divine Team), highlights my day-to-day recommendations, and so much more so you’ll feel fully prepared in this journey.



Part 1

Activate Your Light

($10,000 Value)

Do you remember who you were before the world told you who should be, Love Beam?

In this Activation, we will enter the Arena of Light where I’ll help you remember your true, cellular nature and how to:

  • Broadcast your Unique Energetic Signature (UES) so you can attract all you desire
  • Remove spiritual and shadow “coats” or blocks holding you back from experiencing your fullest human potential and speaking your truth
  • Detox your body, mind, and aura, and recalibrate to your highest frequency so you can easily embody high-vibe energy

Part 2

Activate Your Power

($10,000 Value)

This Activation is not your typical “think it, believe it, receive it” guide you get from most manifestation teachers. 

In Activate Your Power, I’ll lovingly guide you through a powerful DNA upgrade so you can become a master manifestor. This, Love Beam, is where you: 

  • Discover hidden secrets of manifestation and how the Universe really works so you can create a magnetic aura and attract what’s meant for you with your UES effortless manifestation you can’t find anywhere else


Mid-Level Module


Halfway through the process, we want to spend time embodying and integrating what you have remembered. This mid-way module integration process offers you automatic writing exercises, a sacred space meditation ceremony, and an embodiment Activation before you move onto Activate Your Channel and Activate Your Purpose.

This check-in allows you the time and space to honestly check in with your body and your DNA to allow the integration and Activation period to be as easy as possible.





Part 3

Activate Your Channel

($10,000 Value)

You have hidden psychic superpowers, Love Beam, and when you download channeling codes into your DNA, you’ll become a conduit for divine answers. No more second-guessing what’s meant for you.

Activate Your Channel is where you learn to trust yourself and open your heart portal so you can: 

  • Distinguish your intuition voice from your racing thoughts and learn how to trust its guidance so you can make aligned decisions 
  • Build a secure relationship with your Divine Team (Guides, Angels, Family of Light), learn your unique language to communicate with them, and receive guidance to make decisions easier
  • Tap into your psychic abilities (like telepathy or the 8 clairs) and know how to interpret messages you receive from signs, dreams, and much more - no psychic or channeling experience needed

Part 4

Activate Your Purpose

($10,000 Value)

You have a mission here on Earth, a soul contract meant only for you. It’s what you’ve been so excited about and the reason The Universe guided you to here - so you can upgrade your DNA and unlock your purpose. In this Activation you’ll receive:

  • Your role as a Lightworker and re-engage your soul gifts so you can activate your divine purpose and serve the world passionately
  • Abundance for your alignment and service to yourself and the collective for the greatest good of all
  • How to design a life of freedom, flow, and fulfillment that's entirely unique to YOU


Final Module

Your Activation is Complete

This module allows you to fully integrate your experience with The Ascension Arena as I lovingly guide you through the last steps to commit these Activations into habits and imprint them on your body, mind and soul. Experience my channeled ASCENDED Ceremonial Activation.


Plus in each Activation are some hidden gems, including…


5 Channeled DNA Activations

($5,000 Value)

Library of Guided Meditations, Hypnosis and Reprogramming Therapies

($5,000 Value)

Downloadable workbooks, exercises, affirmations, guides, and journaling prompts.

($2,500 Value)


This program is the most efficient and effective path you can take to evolve spiritually and step into your full power.

The Activations here were channeled directly from higher realms through me. You will not find a more sacred space for full DNA Activations and divine downloads on the Internet because it doesn’t exist.

That’s not all.

I want you to have complete support on your ascension journey, so when you enroll in The Ascension Arena school, you’ll not only get access to all four powerful multi-module Activations, with video tutorials, guided meditations, homework, and worksheets, but you’ll also get this bonus for FREE, including…


Access to The Love Beam Collective

Your Soul Family Facebook Community ($5,000 Value)

You are not alone in your ascension. Thousands of lightworkers and Love Beams, like you, are waking up and stepping into their full power, and we shine brighter together, which is why I’ve created The Love Beam Collective. This online soul family is supportive unlike any other I’ve seen, as each of its members shows up for themselves and you daily. It’s where you can ask questions, share experiences, and ascend together.


That’s $55,000+ worth of workshops, support, and bonuses…

...and you get all this magic when you take the first step into The Ascension Arena.

How you choose to invest in yourself is up to you... 

Ascension Arena


(Pay in Full)

  • The Ascension Arena self-study curriculum
  • 4 Channeled Activations: Light, Power, Channel, Purpose
  • The Love Beam Collective Facebook Group

Ascension Arena


(4 Monthly Payments of $111)

  • The Ascension Arena self-study curriculum
  • 4 Channeled Activations: Light, Power, Channel, Purpose
  • The Love Beam Collective Facebook Group


This is NOT a course I made up, Love Beam.

This is a go-at-your-own-pace personal ascension program designed to jumpstart your spiritual evolution - unlocking one level of yourself at a time - so you can feel guided, receive answers and abundance easily, and serve yourself and the world with your unique gifts - all while being supported by fellow Love Beams.

You have access to the Arena curriculum for 1 year and as the planet ascends, so does The Ascension Arena. Channeled guidance is downloaded into the program every single day to most benefit your ascension journey and it's only getting better the more the veil thins!

The Ascension Arena is for you if you’re 100% committed to yourself and the life you want. All sales are final (no refunds or cancellations) because when you make this commitment you’re also committing to this journey and yourself.

We, Love Beams, are ready for the next step in our evolution.

“Since joining The Ascension Arena I have learned to love myself SO much. It’s been incredible to work through some deep trauma and truly heal. I know I still have some more work to do, but showing myself love and compassion has been life-changing."

 Natalie Z.

“I'm seeing awesome opportunities I didn't even know I was manifesting come to me. I'm seeing myself able to help and guide others and I believe that is what is giving me so much excitement.”

Ryan S.

“I have been in The Ascension Arena since January 2020 and this whole year has been a beautiful journey even with everything else going on in 3D. I have really embraced and utilized daily meditations and stretching based on what my body is telling me I need. I have also been fueling my body instead of just eating which has been incredibly cleansing.

This process also brought me to a wonderful natural nutrition guide who helps to balance the body from the inside out.

I have been able to meet and connect with people who are on my frequency as it continues rising. This has had its ups and downs. I have disconnected with some who were darker lower vibrations and connected with amazing people who bring my vibration up as well.”

Amy G.

So tell me…

Are you finally ready to be proactive and embrace your life’s mission?

Are you ready to speak your truth and honor your desires for freedom and flow?

I truly believe that everyone on this Earth has a purpose and I know you are ready to experience the magic you were meant to.

How do I know The Ascension Arena will work for you?

I’ve been exactly where you are right now and as I unlocked my innate psychic abilities, ascended spiritually, and aligned with my soul purpose I was able to step into an abundant life of love, health, happiness, and wealth - which I know is exactly what you’re looking for, too.

Hello, Love Beam. My name is Anna Wood.

Channeler. Spiritual Teacher. Manifestation Expert. Energy Coach. Healer. Transformational Guide.

Featured On

I am a channeler - a bridge between the realms who translates divine messages from higher dimensions to humans here on Earth - and The Ascension Arena is a set of divine Activations from the Higher Realms that I received to give to you, so you can broadcast your Unique Energetic Signature (UES) and beam your magic to the multiverse.

My soul mission is to empower you to achieve what you were meant to in this life - but it wasn’t always as clear as it is now.

I used to play the “Earth game” - chase achievements like graduating from Berkeley, getting a Stanford MBA, working at Google, and checking off other success boxes as I went along - but I was also riddled with dense 3D energy that muffled my UES and attracted pieces of my life that weren’t meant for me, like a misaligned engagement. Much like many of the people I work with, I also suffered from severe anxiety, depression, OCD and more - and I tried every form of therapy I could to alleviate the pain - but nothing worked… 

I “had it all” - but something was missing. (I’m sure you know the feeling, Love Beam.)

While I’m grateful for these experiences, when I ascended - when I unlocked these secrets within, let myself be guided and hopped aboard The Magical Universe Train - the 5D magic of life was truly revealed… and I was cured of all that plagued me.

It’s now my philosophy that we all have a unique magical medicine that we’re here to serve the world with, and when we remember what that is by unlocking details in our DNA and serving that mission, the entire world chiropractically realigns - and we birth The New Earth.

It’s not easy being a bridge between realms - somewhere between Earth and the stars, between physical and spirit - but I wouldn’t choose any other path and I’m so grateful to have received this role and soul mission to guide you in your spiritual ascension. Whatever stage you’re in, I help you get to the next level because there is always a next level.

The part you play on Earth is pivotal.

It’s time to awaken and unleash your power.

There’s no better feeling than being directly aligned with your soul purpose and mission.

And The Ascension Arena is a set of master keys The Universe has provided to unlock it all so you can experience all life has to offer like you were meant to.

A Few Things You Need to Know (+ Common Questions)

  • You do not need to have any psychic experience.
  • Each Activation is directly channeled by me and is unique, so you cannot find them with any other manifestation teacher or guru.
  • You receive access to a module every 6 weeks or to allow time for integration and embodiment, then you have full access to the content for 1 year from your start date. You can go back to each Activation again and again and the content will only get richer and more potent over time as you ascend.
  • Even if you don’t have time right now, you have 1 year access to The Ascension Arena, so you can start later, but this low price is only available for a short time.

If you have any other questions please send an email to [email protected]

You have 2 choices:

Option 1

You could remain stuck, exhausted, and weighed down by the coats you’re wearing - trying to figure all of this stuff out on your own.

Option 2

You can take a proactive approach to your ascension process. You choose to embody your truest self and get massive results in a matter of weeks - if not days - FINALLY living an abundant life of happiness, health, wealth, and love.

This quantum leap into love, abundance, bliss, and purpose is exactly what you’ve been looking for, Love Beam. Your path to ascension can be as easy as you allow it to be - so what will you choose?

"This experience has changed my life! THANK YOU!"


"Hiring Anna as my teacher and guide has been the best decision ever! I was so run down, unmotivated and felt ‘stuck’ in my old life. I knew that living unfulfilled and in suffering was not meant for me, so I made the decision to change my life completely! Once I cleared the noise and truly focused on myself, I asked the Universe to help me find my family of light and I found Anna’s Instagram page almost immediately! The Ascension Arena has helped me dig deep into healing parts of me that were damaged and has given me permission to be myself every single day! I no longer wear a mask or cover up my light with coats of insecurities and fears. For the first time in my life, I feel like I am actually LIVING and not just surviving. I am creating a life that I want to live and Anna has helped me fully trust myself and my intuition. I am living in alignment with my purpose and my mission and feel as though I have made the transition into 5D. I have been given such a beautiful gift in finding Anna and the Ascension Arena and I am so excited to continue activating hidden parts of myself so I can use my new-found magical medicine to help others throughout my journey. I wish this life for everyone! It is truly incredible.  Thank you Anna Wood! My soul honors your beautiful soul always."

Meghan S.

“I wanted to say how nice it is to have a group that I can share with and be myself around. Thank you to Anna for putting this space together and thank you to everyone for being so supportive and non-judgmental!”

Nick Le Mesurier

Are you ready to embody the most confident, clear, and empowered version of yourself? To speak your truth and embrace your purpose here on Earth?

You are not here by accident.

You have a higher mission and you know it.

It’s your time to do big things and if you’re ready to receive all life has to offer (which I know you are), then The Ascension Arena is the step-by-step guided support to see nearly instant results.

Ascension Arena


(Pay in Full)

  • The Ascension Arena self-study curriculum
  • 4 Channeled Activations: Light, Power, Channel, Purpose
  • The Love Beam Collective Facebook Group

Ascension Arena


(4 Monthly Payments of $111)

  • The Ascension Arena self-study curriculum
  • 4 Channeled Activations: Light, Power, Channel, Purpose
  • The Love Beam Collective Facebook Group

The Ascension Arena is for you if you’re 100% committed to yourself and the life you want. All sales are final (no refunds or cancellations) because when you make this commitment you’re also committing to this journey and yourself.

We, Love Beams, are ready for the next step in our evolution.