A 4.5 hour Masterclass experience with Anna Wood, where you will learn practical techniques and strategies for cleansing, protecting, and grounding your energy, complete with an energy healing and attunement.


Topics we’ll cover:

  • Psychic protection
  • Mindset & strategies
  • Auric field + perispirit cleansing
  • Cord cutting
  • Setting and enforcing healthy boundaries
  • Grounding
  • Working with Archangel Michael for protection
  • Working with crystals for protection and grounding
  • Visualizations
  • Prayers
  • Rituals
  • … and more!

PLUS, you'll receive an “aura tentacle” energy clearing healing and activation, and protection blessing from me.

You'll also receive the recording, so you can watch and re-watch these potent activations, teachings, and healing.

Love beams are raving about the Protection & Cleansing Masterclass!


Love beams are raving about the Protection & Cleansing Masterclass!

Mind blown and extremely grateful.

"Really substantive course, I received so much more than I could’ve imagined, and then we received an attunement. Mind blown and extremely grateful."

As special as anything I've ever done before.

"I've done many classes, courses (including a year-long yoga teacher training course) and this was as special as anything I've done before."

You poured so much in.

"Woooah the information completed went over and above any expectations, I could have had for today. You poured so much in."

This masterclass was amazing! A true gift.

"The masterclass was amazing! It finished at 1am here (UK) but it didn't matter as it was so beautiful. A big thing I have taken from this is the trust I can place in myself, and to stop doubting / being fearful. It has helped me to tune into myself at a very deep level and that is a true gift."

This will be a gamechanger for me.

"I love the energy vibrating of Anna, her knowledge and wisdom and clarity is amazing. Her insight and support is so very helpful. I'm so grateful for all the techniques she has shown us to implement into our daily lives. This will be a game changer for me and many more."

A healing experience.

"Your energy is so beautiful, welcoming, and magnetic. Just listening to you speak is a healing experience on its own. The info was amazing, I learned so many techniques and tools to protect and cleanse more energy. I will be using these tools every day to protect myself and my family, as well as in my future practice of healing others."

So much potent information.

"I don’t know where to begin... I feel I need to rewatch it several times because it is so much potent information but I am so grateful you took so much time to share your wisdom with us. I just love you."

Anna taught in a very practical way.

"I love the way that Anna taught in a very practical way that is very straight to the point. It allowed me to purify as well as get clear on my mindset."

I've already seen a difference!

"This was amazing. This class came at such a divine time. I absolutely love how Anna broke this down. I use everything she has taught me and I’ve already seen a difference! Thank you Anna!"


Love beam, learning proper protection and cleansing techniques are imperative on your path to spiritual awakening.

What if instead of...

  • Depression and anxiety 
  • Fatigue and feeling drained 
  • Shrinking, closing, or dimming light 
  • Feeling frustrated with the 3rd dimension 
  • Fear of opening to your intuitive gifts 
  • Fear of stepping into your mission 

You traded for…

  • Playful and lighthearted
  • Grounded and energized
  • Expanding your aura while feeling completely protected
  • Knowing how to communicate healthy boundaries
  • Activating your intuitive gifts more and more every day
  • Serving your mission with ease

Are you ready to take a quantum leap in your spiritual evolution, by learning these life-changing protection and cleansing practices?


Love beams are raving about the Protection & Cleansing Masterclass!

Not a lot of people are this generous!

"I really love how generous you were and that you really put your all into it in order to support our journey. Not a lot of people are this generous! I really did love your introduction with how to protect in the 3D world. I LOVED learning about cutting cords and about energy protecting in general. That healing meditation was so beautiful. I could feel it."

This class was amazing.

"This class was amazing. So much wonderful information. I will refer back time and again to really integrate into my personal practice & also when I am working on others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do and all that you have shared. I feel so light and clear after healing session. Extending my deepest gratitude and eternal love. Grateful to have received this."

It was amazing. It was wonderful!

"It was great! Lots of practical a-ha moments to use throughout the day. I'm glad there will be a recording so I can watch again and again. I also loved the meditation at the end. Last but not least, I absolutely loved Anna's energy. Her smile was beaming throughout and I could feel the loving energy coming out from her. It was amazing. It was wonderful!"

This was amazing beyond words!

"I can’t even describe everything I loved cuz I loved all of it. Even without doing the peri spirit cleansing (my baby was sleeping on me), I could feel the energy release just by imagining myself doing it. I am excited to make that part of my ritual when doing Reiki sessions! The healing and activation were incredibly powerful. I could feel each release, I could feel the third eye massage, the crown opening, the release from the heart and the sacral...all of it. And I’m so grateful. This was amazing beyond words."

Like nothing I have ever experienced before.

"I love Anna’s authentic energy and the tangible information she provided to help us cleanse and protect our energy. I learned about different types of attachments and how to remove them and fortify myself energetically. The energy/chakra healing/cord cutting/protection ceremony was AMAZING… I felt the energy moving and being placed in the divine mother’s womb was like nothing I have ever experienced before."

Amazing and packed full of information.

"The class was amazing and packed full of so much information. You are making learning it all and practicing it much easier. The healing was incredibly powerful also and felt noticeable differences in my field especially around my lower back and kidneys and stomach and heart clearing and throat clearing and open crown. Thank you for your love, light and wisdom and love and appreciate you dearly🙏❤️🌟"

A magical and self empowering experience.

"I had such a magical and self empowering experience in Anna’s Protection & Cleansing Masterclass. It was more than I hoped for, she was very focused, engaged, and generous with her time and knowledge. I’m a psychic medium without a ton of training so it was really exciting to learn about energy protecting and cleansing. She ended the mastermind with a beautiful meditation that was so healing."

Profound, depth, & WEALTH of information.

"I loved that there was such profound, depth & WEALTH of information. Every piece feels like a unique life hack. The timeliness of it for me personally, felt divine as I am 100% being pushed beyond reason. You bring clarity and practical ideas that apply to real life. Even your giving time, repeating multiple times, prayers to use is testament to how much you want to help."

Extremely valuable!

"This Masterclass was incredibly insightful. I asked the universe to receive assistance from my guides for more protection and clarity of being and this class serendipitously came to me. It was amazing and extremely valuable! I am so so so grateful for this experience and know so much more about how to protect myself from other energies. The best part? Getting to share the high vibrations and recognize that which is me! Thank you Anna!"


Love beams are raving about the Protection & Cleansing Masterclass!