$44.00 USD

11/11 Portal Activation Recording

11/11 is a powerful numerological gateway, and a very potent day for manifestation.

With the highest intention, I designed the 11/11 Portal Energy Healing & Highest Timeline Activation to get you on the highest frequency possible as we traverse through this powerful numerological gateway. This will be a very comprehensive healing and attunement.

You will have access to the recording for one week. During that time, you can receive the healing and activation as many times as you like. On midnight PST on 11/18, I will remove the recording and close the portal.

As always, I do not set firm time limits on my live events. I am channeling and offering healing, so we will take as long as we need for these powerful energies to flow through. I estimate 2 hours. This event will be held via Zoom and is audio only, so you can close your eyes and focus on the frequencies being transmitted.

Questions? Contact [email protected] for support.