I am Anna Wood. My thirty-two orbits around the sun have been a journey of pain and triumph overcoming anxiety, OCD, depression, self-doubt, body image issues, bullying, loss, heartbreak, and a myriad of other challenges. In the process, I dove deep into my own healing and spiritual awakening, unleashing my own truth, power, meaning, fulfillment, and bliss. Now, as an intuitive channel and guide, my life is dedicated to helping other love beings do the same.


All my life I've been an ultra-high achiever, never stopping until I achieved what I deemed to be the absolute "best," (whatever that means.) The best college (UC Berkeley), the best job, (Google) the best business school (Stanford). I received all the fancy, 3D Earth degrees but quickly realized these weren't the answer. My baseball stats ended up looking like this:


I have an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where I took every class I could on entrepreneurship, personal development, branding, and coaching. I graduated undergrad with honors from UC Berkeley, where I designed my own major in Organizations and Leadership and wrote my thesis on Making Diversity in the Workplace a Strategic Advantage.


I have ten years of experience as a transformational life coach.


Prior to building my digital content and coaching business, I spent four years working at Google in digital content, marketing, and sales. I worked with major brands such as Netflix, Expedia, and Airbnb.


I've been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Self Magazine, Bustle, and more.

K, now let's get to the juice.


I was a hyper-intuitive and sensitive indigo child. In fact, my parents began referring to me as “The Old Soul” and “The Buddha Baby” when I was only a toddler. (The Universe was whispering through them to me even that young.) As far back as I can remember, I had an inner knowing that there was more to this 3D reality than meets the eye. I always felt that I had a greater purpose and was meant to create something BIG. Growing up, just about every aspect of my life revolved around seeking this big-ness. This calling. This truth. I had an early obsession with personal development, which meant I always ask the tough questions, like, Who am I, really?, What’s my purpose?, and of course, the biggy, What’s the meaning of life? Needless to say this didn’t always make me the most popular kid on the playground. I felt like I was from another planet, (Pleadian star family, I was missing you!) and it was clear to me that I was “different.” By the time the brutal high school years hit, I grew to be ashamed of that. So, I became well-adept at dimming my light so I could fit in, which had serious physical and emotional consequences. I lived with crippling anxiety, OCD, bullying, and lugged around 40 extra pounds.


One thing that no one was ever able to bully out of my was my drive, willpower, and skillful way of navigating ambiguity. So the day I walked across the stage at my high school graduation, I decided, come hell or high water, I was GOING to have that picture perfect “successful” life. I aligned my thoughts, words, actions, and enter being with this goal and started vibrating with it.

Growing up, my parents, society, and the media gave me plenty of examples of what “success” could look like. It looked like graduating from the most prestigious universities, working as a high-powered exec at a global company, having a hot bod and a beautiful man, and eventually settling down in the suburbs with kids. I grew up thinking success = happiness, and I was willing to do whatever it took to achieve it. I was literally obsessed with résumé-building. Step-by-step, I climbed the stereotypical ladder of “success.” UC Berkeley, Google, Stanford MBA, engagement… check check check check. I believed the more I achieved, the closer I was to happiness and I maintained this as my vibration.

It was during my time in business school at Stanford that I began to wake up.

I looked around and realized that everything that I’d once wanted, I now had. I had the degrees; I had the job; I had the body; I had the man. I had even launched my own company (something I’d dreamed about since I was 4 years old). I’d accomplished every giant goal I’d ever set my mind to.


It was a terrifying feeling. I thought something was seriously wrong with me. I had yet to understand the dark night of the soul.

I’d spent ten years chasing external symbols of success only to realize that searching outward was never going to make me happy. So I decided to turn inward and search for happiness in the one place I hadn’t looked yet: inside myself.

I engaged in all the soul work, the past-trauma healing, the reflection, the meditation, the fear-facing, and the paradigm-shifting activities that I’d been dabbling in as a coach for years and took it to an entirely new level. I was no longer a coach, but a guide. I was no longer goal oriented but vibration oriented.

I finally wasn't using my experience or techniques with an external result in mind. This time it was for no purpose other than looking inward and finding myself. But it wasn't really finding myself, I was remembering myself. My true self.

Thank goddess, I remembered. I discovered the core of who I truly and authentically am: an ultra light, super shiny, high vibrational being capable of being, doing or having anything I want. Just like you.

It was a painful process, as growth always is (that’s why they call it “growing pains!”) In this process, I faced the deepest, darkest parts of my soul, and layer by layer I peeled away the conditioning, societal programming, and limiting beliefs I held. I called off my wedding, I experienced an ego death, and released everything in my life that was no longer serving me. Each and every aspect of my growing pains were worth it, as they directly led to my spiritual awakening and personal evolution. I unlocked the powers within me that had lay dormant my entire life, and these powers unleashed the core of my true, highest, authentic self. I discovered my life purpose of helping others uncover who they really are, step into their power, and live the life they were born to live.


What I’ve experienced and integrated has been so powerful, so freeing, and so impactful that I committed my life to lovingly guide others as they rewire their brains, reclaim the power lying dormant inside of them, and step into their highest self living and aligned, abundant, and purpose-driven life that their Higher Self has so perfectly designed. I am the activator of your powers. YOU are the powerful one.

Do you want to live in flow with the universe and experience synchronicities and delicious levels of abundance beyond what you ever thought possible?

Do you want everything in your life to be in perfect vibrational alignment with who you really are inside, so that your life feels like an impossibly happy dream?

Do you want to tap into your power to create ANYTHING you want to have a life more ideal than you can possibly imagine?

Then you’re in the right place.

My calling, my job is to guide us down the path of surrender, healing, self knowledge, truth, and evolution. All you have to do is make the conscious commitment to Yourself that you will optimize for happiness.

Below are a few ways to get started:

I have and am experiencing evolution, spiritual growth, empowerment, and a rising of consciousness that I never even knew was possible. I feel light, I feel free, I glow. I now know, beyond any doubt, that I am the creator of my reality, life, and destiny. I am powerful beyond measure. (And so are each and every one of you! All you have to do is activate the powers inside of you…)


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